Sunday, May 1, 2016

Meyer's Route 66 Farm Truck

I have taken to going to various churches as well as my own church because, to my mind, we are all part of the Christian church. I'm meeting lots of new people this way too! Take this morning, for instance. I walk out of Kulture Church at the Junior High and I see this:

Wow! I whip out my phone and start taking pictures.

It turns out this truck is owned by the Meyers family, and they have encouraged their daughter, Chris, to unleash her artistic talents on the truck. It's awesome. 

It's lovely to see a family doing so much together, and encouraging their children to use their talents. You may see this family on Route 66 in your travels! If you do see them, look for Elvis too. Yes, their little son is named Elvis. Gotta love it. 

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